A retired IT professional, Edward Judge rediscovered the violin after 25 fallow years and took lessons with Diana Levitas in Hertfordshire. Edward lives in Hungerford and now plays violin or viola with several local orchestras. As well as being a keen chamber musician he also enjoys playing saxhorn with the Ramsbury Silver Band.

Edward was appointed leader by Gordon Nelson on the formation of the orchestra in January 2006.  He has subsequently led the orchestra under several different conductors.  Here is what he has to say about MCO in 2016:

Edward Judge“In contrast to the “sink or swim” method of preparing a concert programme where every rehearsal is taken at full speed, whether the individual players can cope or not, MCO under its present conductor adopts a more structured approach. Early sessions concentrate on learning the notes and sorting out technically difficult passages and ensemble problems, with later work concentrating on musicality and interpretation. I believe that this gives players of varying standards a much deeper understanding of the music and much greater satisfaction from their individual performance. That this is achieved in a relaxed atmosphere with much humour as well as hard work in rehearsals, adds to the overall enjoyment.”